Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Grow Out Challenge-Starts June 1, 2008

So this is where I will document my progress with the grow out challenge. Just as some info going in:

I got this idea from Curly hair tends to curl more as it gets longer, hence the growing out process. The grow out challenge consists of methods to keep the hair healthy and growing quickly. My goal is to have as much growth over the next year as possible. This is a group effort on A list of loose guidelines has been posted. They are as follows:
Preliminary GrowOut Guidelines
1. No Flat ironing.
2. Eat healthy including lean protein and vegetables/ fruits.
3. Deep condition hair for an hour at least every two weeks/ do a protein treatment as needed to maintain a moisture/ protein balance.
4. Cowash at least once a week.
5.Stimulate scalp with an mixture of rosemary ( or any other essential oil) and grapeseed oil( or any other carrier oil) everyday or every other day.
6. Take vitamins and fish oil pills (pharmacuetical grade and Molecularly distilled).
7. Take MSM ( this is not a requirement).
8. Wear protective/ low manipulation hair styles whenever possible.
9. No checking length (or try not to be obssesive).
10. No trimming, dusting is allowed. (Dusting has been described to me as cutting apprx 1/8 inch off)
11. Combing hair once a week, limited only to finger combing( not a requirement).
12. Drinking loads of water so that the new growth can be moisturized. (Also if you plan on taking MSM, it is a must!)13. Moisturize hair everyday/ every other day.

Since these guidelines are loose, I am free to tweak them as I see fit for me. So here are my thoughts on the rules:
1. I have no intentions of flat ironing my hair. I have been going natural for a month now and will not turn back on that. However, the length of my bangs requires straightening. They are long enough that the ends curl, but short enough that the curls poke out in a weird way. Until my bangs have grown out longer, I will continue to straighten them.
2. Sounds great. I should be doing this anyway. I do need the occasional sweets, but I will be as healthy as I can without restricting myself too much.
3. I am waiting to find out what should be used as a deep condition. I use aubrey organics sometimes, but I don't think I can leave that in my hair for an hour. I have asked what should be used and am waiting to hear back. I plan to do an ion protein treatment once per month, on the last day of each month.
4. I don't enjoy cowashing, but I can handle once a week. Perhaps this might even get me more used to cowashing so I will feel better about it.
5. I ordered a rosemary and horsetail growth oil today. I hope to have it by June 1st, but I don't think it is likely. Maybe I will have it a few days later and I plan to start immediately.
6. Done. I bought vitamins specifically for hair and nail growth that are to be taken 3 times daily as well as fish oil pills to be taken two to three times daily. I plan to wait until June 1st to begin taking these since they are not currently part of my routine and the challenge does not start until June 1st.
7. I do not plan on taking MSM.
8. I plan on wearing my hair down mostly. I may put it up in a clip occassionally. No pony tail holders.
9. I plan to check the length of my hair on the first of every month in order to keep up with the growth.
10. I hope not to do any trimming or dusting. However, if the ends get nasty I may have to do a bit of dusting.
11. I will comb my hair in the shower while it is soaked in conditioner.
12. I am going to keep water with me constantly so that I will be sure to drink a ton of it.

So how will the blog work? I will post weekly updates with my routine for hair care each day during the week as well as progress. On the first of each month I will post pictures of my hair as well as measurements on length. I will measure the length by placing yarn from my hairline curving down to the back of my head down to the end of my hair while my hair is soaking wet and will measure the length of the yarn.

So I think that is it for now. Considering the nature of this blog, it will probably be boring as hell to everyone but me...or anyone else who is interested in growing out. After all, we are watching my hair grow. :P

Anyway, to anyone who might still be interested in tuning in, my next entry should be on June 1st with my starting length and pictures.

Have a great day and happy hair!!

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bigbadmofo9000 said...

Your hair looks lovely, baby. I shall keep checking here to watch your progress. :D:X