Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Products

So here is a list of the products I have gotten for the grow out challenge. I am grouping them into categories and including pictures of each product and an explanation of how and when I plan to use each. Some products overlap categories. I will point that out in the category I choose to talk about them in, but will not discuss a product in two separate categories. So here we go...

We'll start off simple. The shampoos:

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1. Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut Shampoo-I adore this shampoo. It has coconut extract and vitamin E and is really dirt cheap despite the great ingredients. I am likely to use this one most times that I wash my hair.
2. Burt's Bees Pomegranate and Soy Very Volumizing Shampoo-Burt's Bees has some great products. Still, I do prefer the first shampoo. I don't want money to go to waste, so i may use this shampoo once every week or two.

I plan on washing my hair every other day. LAtely I have washed it every day, thinking my hair needed it because of its thickness and it is just so hard to style on a day I do not wash it because sleeping on it messes it up so much. However, it occurred to me that I could wet my hair with warm water and scrub as though I had shampoo without actually using shampoo, then following with conditioner. So that's my plan as far as washing my hair goes.

The Conditioners:

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1. Burt's Bees Pomegranate and Soy Very Volumizing Conditioner-Okay, so this is the only one that made the list as a conditioner. Not because it is the only one I have, but because the others made different categories. I'll use this conditioner on days that I use the Burt's Bees shampoo.

The Co-Washes:

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1. BioInfusion Organics Eucalyptus and Lavender Conditioner-So this category is where half of my conditioners went. I really like this conditioner. It is light, so it is easy to work through my hair. The smell is very nice but also a bit strong. I will use this or the other Co once a week, probably on Wednesday and it will also sometimes be used as a regular conditioner.
2. BioInfusion Naturals Rosemary Mint Conditioner-Don't hold me to this one. I need to check the ingredients again to make sure that this conditioner has everything a good Co needs. That includes proteins, humectants, emollients, and moisturizers. I know the other conditioner in this group has all of the above, and I know this one has at least three, but I will need to cross reference the ingredients with the list of each category to make sure all are present. If it turns out that this will not make a good Co, I will still use it as a regular conditioner. I love the smell, and it has rosemary, which is an essential oil that helps with growth. I do hope it will make a great Co since co-washing means no shampoo, and the smell of this is so fresh that it leaves me feeling like I just shampoo-ed even when I did not.

That takes care of the easy stuff. Time for vitamins, growth products, oils, deep treatments, and moisturizers.

The Vitamins:

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1. Fish, Flax Borage Oil-So I had a hard time finding pictures of the exact vitamins I am using, but I got as similar as I could. The vitamin E is the only one that is the same as I am using. These are my omega 3's. I take 2 at a time twice daily.
2. Hair, Skin, and Nails Multivitamin-Well, the name is pretty self explanatory. These are one at a time, three times daily.
3. Vitamin E-Once a day.

The Growth Products:

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1.BB Growth Oil with Ginkgo Biloba - Rosemary & Horsetail-I ordered this online and am still waiting on it to come in. I am not sure yet how often I will be using it. IT looks like it has some very good oils in it. Rosemary and horsetail are both supposed to be very good for hair growth. I was looking for a rosemary oil since I am supposed to use an essential oil and carrier oil at least every other day, and I found this. I am pretty excited about getting it.
2. Softee Herbal Gro-I have not used this yet, but love Softee Coconut Oil. I think I will try to use this once or twice per week. I will post more details on how I am using it once I figure out exactly what I want to do with it.

The Oils:

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1. Softee Hair Food-I actually just wasn't sure where this one would fit, but it says it has an oil formula, so it's an oil. It has vitamin E, and looked like it would be a very good way to keep my hair healthy so it will be growing as quickly as it can. I will use this as needed.
2. Hot Six Oil-This oil is awesome and can be used for more than just hair. I used it today and love it. I put it on my hair and put a plastic cap over it and wrapped it in a hot, moist towel. It has made my hair very soft and I think it may help with frizz. I am wanting to be sure to put plenty of oil in my hair to keep everything moisturized and have my hair happy and healthy, so for most of these products I do not have anything exact as a plan for it.
3. Optimum Oil-This seems to be best as after shower for frizz control and shine. Some of these oils are not specifically for the grow out process, but I did get them with the challenge in mind, which is why they are being included in this blog, and most of my other styling products are not.
4. Tea Tree Oil- This is my carrier oil. I am supposed to use a carrier oil and essential oil at least every other day.

The Moisturizers:

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1. Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner- So this also qualifies as a conditioner, but I figured I would put it here since it is a very rich conditioner that I only use when I am in need of a lot of moisture.
2. Since I am getting lazy, I will sum the next three up in one. Softee Coconut Oil, Queen Duchess Coconut Oil Infused With Kiwi, and Cantu Shea Butter-I am including all of these in one since they serve pretty much the same purpose. I will use them as a pre-poo for days I shampoo or in small portions to fight frizz.

And Finally, the Treatments:

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1. Ion Effective Reconstructive Treatment-This is a protein treatment that I will use at the end of every month. I put this in my hair after showering and leave in for an hour before I rinse. Since protein can dry hair, I follow with Aubrey Organics.
2. Queen Helene Cholesterol Deep Conditioning Cream-This is what I will use for the once a week deep treatment. I will probably use this on Saturday. I am supposed to leave this in my hair for an hour after showering.

So those are the products I plan to use for the challenge.

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